The Tackle Box Business Kit

In New Hampshire, we take a certain amount of pride in our independence, business acumen and fiscal conservation. Achieving—and maintaining this—has become a challenge. Our state ranks the worst in the % of total taxes it collects that come from business. The global economy has presented opportunities—and threats. And talented workers are migrating away. We need to leverage every opportunity to operate leaner—and more efficiently.

With businesses operating under the pressure to deliver faster, more efficiently and more profitably, having up to the moment financial information isn’t just important—it can mean the difference between the life or death of your business.

That’s why we developed the Tacklebox—a unique set of data and analytical reporting tools that give you unique insight into the financial health of your business, right in the moment you need it.

Data and understanding are everything. Our proprietary technology empowers you with the following: 

  • Access your financial data securely anywhere—at any time
  • Quickly and easily understand the financial health of your business
  • Make decisions with real data—not just a “gut feeling”