Assurance and Advisory Services

Many of SquareTail’s clients look to do better than just make payroll and meet basic financial accounting and tax planning requirements. They want to identify opportunities and threats and improve their business’ financial health. They may have a solid understanding of what the numbers mean—but many did not before they came to us.

Real World Assurance Can Identify Financial Drivers and Threats

For example, at one of our client’s offices, the Operations Manager had been processing bookkeeping transactions for 5+ years. Many had been processed incorrectly, resulting in a misunderstanding of the financial health of the organization. In addition an annual review of the financials was never conducted, causing management to miss a key issue: a steady decline in sales and cash. We quickly corrected the bookkeeping errors and put processes in place so our client had accurate and reliable data on the company financials. In this case, we were able to digitally tell the story using our deep analytics tools and helping them understand the challenges and improve the financial health of the organization. With information in hand, they were able to make the strategic decisions needed to turn the company around.

Beyond robust and timely accounting services, SquareTail will provide you with strategic direction and a long view of the financial state of your business. We can also help you establish processes to handle complex financial transactions correctly so that the data is reported accurately.

The Tackle Box

SquareTail’s Tackle Box is made up of a unique combination of easy-to-use digital tools that help our business clients make key decision faster, and with more confidence.

If you don’t strongly believe that your business is on a firm financial foundation, contact us today for an initial assessment, and learn a bit more about how we can help.