Our Approach

Your business is not like any other.

Your finances, your goals, your business needs, and your team are completely unique. 

Our approach to working with you is equally unique. 

While our approach is not cookie cutter, our purpose is always the same: To help each client get 100% clarity into their business, allowing them to smarter decisions. We turn your numbers into unbiased, accurate, and meaningful information that your board and executive team require. 

First, we sit down with you and provide a strategic assessment of your business and finances. We analyze the state of your business and determine where you should focus to be profitable and successful. 

From there, we assemble a team to meet your needs. The SquareTail team consists of controllers and auditors, accounts payable and human resources, and a CFO. Whatever your business needs, that’s exactly what we give you – no more, no less. Though our team is built for a $50-100 million company, you can use only the slice of expertise that you need.