Improve Collections, Reduce Costs and Be Profitable

Through a unique combination of analysis, education and our proprietary “Tackle Box” digital analytics and tracking, SquareTail will help you get your business on financial track.

SquareTail helps Small Businesses in New Hampshire to Reduce Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction, and Be More Competitive in the New Global Economy

Tackle Box Business Kit

SquareTail’s Tackle Box is made up of a unique combination of easy-to-use digital tools and analytics that help our business clients make key decision faster, and with more confidence.

Assurance & Advisory

Beyond robust and timely accounting services, SquareTail will provide you with strategic direction and a long view of the financial state of your business to help you better compete in a quickly shrinking global market.

Cash Flow & Budgeting

SquareTail will help you address key cashflow and budgeting matters, including how much money you need to operate this year, where it will come from, and when you need to have it in hand. Equipped with this—and other valuable data—we will help you understand key financial components of your business.

According to independent tax policy research, New Hampshire currently ranks 7th in the nation for having the most competitive business tax climate.


SMBs spent $5,000+ on accountants and administrative costs last year

SMBs spend more than 40 hours a year on federal taxes


Amount of NH Taxes Collected, from your Corporate Income (highest % in the U.S.)

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